Welcome to YOUR EXHIBITION. This place is a place for film photographers from all walks of life. Our mission is to see your work recognised. Here you can find other film shooters and learn about what they’re working on, but it is also a space for you to share your story: why do you shoot film? What project are you working on? And how can we, the film community, support you in your endeavours?

Our dream for this space is to build a community of creators, gain an insight into how they approach their work, provide an opportunity to collaborate with them and support them when their project reaches its maturity. The creators we’re speaking of is YOU. This is your domain to share what you want: this is YOUR EXHIBITION.



I'm Michael, I'm 24 and I live in the UK.

I'd love to say that I've been shooting since childhood, but I was actually late to the party. Even though I got my first camera in 2016, I've been committed to bettering myself. Once I began shooting film, I haven't really looked back.

There are many great resources online to learn from, and, like yourselves, I've made the most of them; soaking up all the knowledge that people choose to share. But now I'd like to give back. 

This website is designed to be a platform for you to share your film photography journey, and collaborate with others. The hope is that this will be another dimension to this great community. I have found the community to be supportive in many ways, but I think we can be more vulnerable with our photography projects (myself included). 

As you'll see from my profile on this website, I will share the highs and the lows as I work on my projects, and I hope that you can provide critique on it: what's good, and what needs improvement.