I am Eileen, and I am from east coast Canada. 

I’ve been documenting with photography since I was 14 - now a decade of image making. I first shot film through a high school photography class, then picked it back up when I was gifted my great grandfather’s Canon AE-1. 

I shoot digital, 35 millimeter and medium format photography. I love all kinds of image making, be it my cell phone or a bulky Mamiya RZ67.

My subject matter has included local music gig photos, the people I love, landscapes, buildings, streets, everything. I am enthralled and obsessed by documenting. I am always framing in my head at the subjects in front of me. 

Not a day goes by that I am not researching film I want to try, reading about the photographers who paved the way for people like me, taking photos, or wishing I could go take photos.