We'd like to think that we were thorough in the album, but we do have some Frequently Asked Questions just in case.

Does it have to be shot on film?

To put it simply: yes. We're here to serve the film community, and we want this project to be an extension of that. By all means, get creative, so if you want to contribute an image taken on a polaroid, a silver gelatin print, a cyanotype, go ahead. Feel free to print digitally, as long as the image was originally created by analogue means.

IS there a limit to what i can contribute?

You are limited to a single double-page spread. As to what you can include on those pages, it's completely down to you. The nature of the 8x8 album allows you to produce 6x4, 5x7 images (in either orientation), square crops, or something completely different. 

DO I HAVE TO CONTribute two images?

Not at all. You may want to contribute two images, you may only choose to contribute one. If you print in a smaller format, you could potentially contribute more. The only thing we ask is that you use a double-page spread. You don't have to put anything on the second page, but think about why you might be leaving it blank.

HOW CAN I KEEP UP-TO-DATE with the entries that follow mine?

That's where the ENTRIES come in. When you send us an image of your spread, you may also wish to include why you chose to contribute the images you did: how did you interpret the images that are already in the album. We will then upload this to the entries section.

Can i contribute explicit content?

It depends. As a collaborative project, we want everyone to feel welcome. If you're thinking of contributing something that some may find distressing, offensive, or otherwise wouldn't want to see, contact us via Instagram