My name is George. I'm from a time when there was only film. Before digital, my passion was for sport and landscape photography.

My passion was reignited for film photography when I found all my old negatives and film cameras in the attic when I was clearing out my mother's house. 

At present I am shooting urban scenes, and working on a project documenting the hidden places in London.

Over the past six months; I have slowly moved away from digital photography, and concentrated on film.

Back in the day, I was a gear-head, and was always chasing the next piece of equipment be it newer camera or better lens. Nowadays, I am happy with my original Olympus OM10 and XA3, although I have recently bought a Canon EOS500N just for the auto-focus as I am finding manual focus difficult with ageing eyesight, but if there was one camera I could buy it would be a Voigtlander Bessa R3A.

I am also a big fan of photography monographs, and have a nice collection from photographers I admire, I also collect photographic zines and hope one day to produce a proper zine of my own.