Exhibiting The Fifth Dimension

I’m pleased to share some exciting news: I’m taking part in a multi-disciplinary show called Staff Room. As well as photography, the exhibition boasts paintings, audiovisual scenes, installation work and more. It’s named Staff Room because it is created by the Creative Arts HE Staff at Leeds City College.

I am personally exhibiting some work that featured in The Fifth Dimension. The Fifth Dimension is a zine that I produced that featured images taken on old disposable cameras. The cameras I used had been neglected for decades, and as such the film produced some unexpected results. You can view some of this work in my gallery here, or on my Instagram. Better yet, you can come see them in person!

Staff Room will be running from now until the 25th of October. The exhibits and installations are open to the public from 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm. We’d love you come and experience these works.

For those that find themselves in the Leeds area before the 25th, join us at 55 Albion Street. To learn more information, either contact me on Instagram here, or learn more on Leeds Inspired’s website here.

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