Hello, my name is Rui Esteves and I’m an amateur photographer from Lisbon, Portugal.

The year I turned 31 I bought a camera with the intention of making images for the first time. Up until then photography was just the means of preserving my memories. This came at a time that I was searching for a creative outlet to fill in a gap in my life. I was immediately hooked to photography.

It took years to find my place in photography. In a way I’m still looking for it.

Nowadays I get the most enjoyment out of using whatever time I have free to travel, capture the mood of the places I visit and publish small self-published books. I call them my “Isto não é bem uma Zine”, that toughly translates to “this is not quite a Zine”. Havana, Cuba, was the first experiment, Venice, Italy, was se second and in a few days the book about Corvo, Azores, Portugal, will see the light of day.

Traveling and shooting film might be a good way to find yourself in a sea of frustration nowadays, mainly due to the nice people of airport security, but it is also a great way to strike up a conversation anywhere. Everywhere you go you’ll find someone that had a father or an uncle that had a similar camera, someone that used to shoot film, someone that gets intrigued by what you’re doing.

But that’s only part of the charm of shooting film. I like processing film and printing my images. The time I spend in the lab is my time. Its time I can use to get my podcast listening up to date, to take my time to reflect about all the little day-to-day issues, and above all, to create something. I don’t mind the time it takes to develop the 20 or 30 rolls of 35mm film I bring back from any given travel, I’m not in a hurry.