Oddment Volume Two Announcement

Hello, this is Jason Brewer here to announce that a new volume of my Oddments zine is available for pre-order!

Oddments Volume Two takes on a more personal tone within the zone over the previous one. Many of these images represent some form of a challenge deliberately put in place as a constraint or that occurred while out shooting that has helped to push my photography skills further. Additionally, all images shown in volume two were taken on film. 

I chose "This one day I photographed..." as the title for volume two due to the overall theme that each of the sets of images was all taken on a single day respectively. 

Below is a little brief about each set and the challenge or parameters I shot them in to push myself.

"Waukesha, WI" - Elan7e w/ Tamron 35-105 f2.8 lens, Delta 3200 & Fuji Superia 400 (pushed to 800) 

This set of images represent an ongoing personal project of capturing the often overlooked or mundane views that around us that most people treat with indifference. The challenge is not to find beauty where it does not exist, but to challenge ourselves to make compelling or interesting images under uninteresting and imperfect conditions. 

As a side note, It was a freezing day in October when these were taken, and I was lucky enough to shoot with one of nicest persons you could ever meet, Mr. Ryan Miller (@ryannniallmiller). Go check out Ryan's work on IG!

"People at Tosa Farmer's Market" - Elan7e w/ Tamron 35-105 f2.8 lens, Lomography Color 800

The photos were taken in this set as a strict self-challenge. The challenge was to get as many portraits of strangers in the Wauwatosa Wisconsin's farmers market in one day only with the additional requirement that I must first talk to them, learn/write down their names, and briefly getting to know about them before asking permission to take their picture. 

I set these rules in place as often it always feels more comfortable to hide behind a camera, take an image of someone, and then ask for "forgiveness" afterward. I wanted to push myself to do what I felt was the harder action of approaching people first and taking five to ten minutes to talk to them before asking for the portrait. 

"At the Zoo" - Canon AE-1 w/FD135mm f2.5 lens, Ilford Fp4

As a Father of three (five and younger), a husband, and full-time IT professional. Sometimes the simple task of getting out to use a camera on something other than your family is a challenge in itself most days. This set represents the idea that taking one camera, a single 135mm Lens, one roll of film only and capturing images within a limited time frame in often unfavorable light conditions can push your creativity to get a seemingly simple image. 

"Visited A Barber" - Elan7e w/ Tamron 35-105 f2.8 lens, Ektar 100 (Pushed to 400)

Similar to the set of images from the farmers market this set was a personal challenge to capture an old local barbershop that had been in business for decades. I wanted to get myself out of my comfort zone and work within a more limited space and limited subject matter. I had been in the barbershop before to get my hair cut, and I was always intrigued by all the old artifacts, flyers, classic look with the wood paneling and even the dust on the no longer used chairs.

"In Memoriam" - Canon AE-1 w/FD50mm f1.8 lens, HP5 400 (Pushed to 1600)

These images are the most personal set of pictures I have ever shared. They are of my 96-year-old Grandmother that helped to raise me during the summer breaks from school until and even sometimes after I graduated high-school. The images shown in the zine are from my last visit to my Grandmother in her nursing home. They were difficult images to take and share as my Grandmother was rapidly deteriorating in health and mental state from age and being the nursing home for so long. These images also represent the last time I would ever see my Grandmother alive as she passed almost a month to the day after my visit.  

I hope you take the time to check out my work and enjoy viewing it as much I enjoy making it. Please consider ordering Oddment Volume Two - "This one day I photographed..." from my store located here: https://www.jasonbrewerphotography.com/store/ 

Thank you -

Jason Brewer

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