Today marks 6 months since we first launched the YOUR EXHIBITION website and Instagram page, and we’ve been so encouraged by how the film community has welcomed us that we wanted to take time to thank you. Thank you.

We’ve been really humbled by all the support: the liking the posts, reading the articles, following the collaborators we’ve worked with, purchasing their work, participating in the SHOOTOUTs and more - we really appreciate how you’ve embraced our vision of CREATION | COLLABORATION | EXHIBITION. It means so much to know that you’re enjoying what we’re trying to build here.

Now that we’ve expressed our gratitude, we would like to encourage you to continue to shoot film. We love seeing the new work your putting out; it’s the whole reason we’re doing this. Keep using the #YOUREXHIBITION hashtag, and continue tagging us in your images. We look forward to seeing more of your work.

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