The A LOOK AT series is where we at YOUR EXHIBITION like to share the awesome works of the people in film photography community. This could be prints, an exhibition, or most commonly a zine. Today we are delighted to share with you Jahan Saber’s Sunday.

If you’re not familiar with Jahan or the brand he is building in DEVELOP, I’d encourage you to take a long, hard look at yourself. Of course, I jest, but I would highly recommend following him and his work. He’s a very active member of the film community, producing work which he shares with All Format Collective, he’s produced educational content on both YouTube and SkillShare, and most recently he’s released a zine focussing on the splendour that is a Sunday in Vienna: “A Sunday in Vienna is a day like no other”.

I’ve been really fortunate to spend a good couple of weeks considering this zine, and I must say it’s charm is unique. I see many similarities with such works as Jules Le Moal’s From Montmartre With Love and Rui Esteves não vão daqui a pensar mal disto, and if you’ve read the A LOOK AT articles for those two, you’ll know that’s quite a compliment.

Firstly, the zine’s production quality is that of which you’d expect from Jahan: exceptional. The paper choices give the body a rigidity and weight that feature with other premium works. Then I’m a particular fan of the cover: not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but I adore the use of black. As you might see from the image, the zine has taken wear on the spine from the amount of times I’ve viewed it. I love that the zine records my admiration of the imagery. I typically like having my zines in prestige condition, and even though I initially didn’t appreciate that the cover wore so easily, I think it represents my feelings towards this zine: it’s worth looking over a few times. This is not dissimilar to the pages that featured in Jules’ From Montmartre With Love. That aged with my numerous viewings of it too, but I think that added to the romanticism of the piece.

Then I’d like to consider the narrative of Sunday. I greatly enjoy experiencing places I’ve never visited through the eyes of another photographer. There’s a power in that interaction, and I don’t think you can recreate that outside of this medium. Vienna is undoubtedly a stunning city, but to live the moments that Jahan captures and shares through this zine is truly delightful. Similar to that of Rui’s não vão daqui a pensar mal disto, the way in which the scenes are captured and so eloquently sequenced helps to emulate what it’d be like to visit the places these zines feature.

A great example of this would be the following spreads. The first adorns images of reflections which tease at the local people of Vienna. Then the following spread features silhouettes of two monuments. There’s this wonderful teasing narrative that slowly welcomes you to the nature of the zine. I think it sets up the rest of the zine nicely.

The sequencing is also second to none. If you’ve been fortunate enough to browse a copy yourself, you’ll already know which sequencing I’m referencing to. The following pages appear in succession, and really demonstrate Jahan’s great patience when working a scene. I do think the production of this sequence is utter genius; it really makes for an immersive experience as you witness the evolution of photographs.

In closing, Sunday is a true delight. Not only are the images of merit, but so too is the presentation of them. Jahan has clearly considered the sequencing, which has meant for a well paced representation of the charm that is a Sunday in Vienna. This is undoubtedly another treasured addition to the YOUR EXHIBITION zine collection.

I regret to inform you that Sunday is no longer available. Jahan was generous enough to produce a second edition of the zine, which has once again sold out. That being said, I’m sure it won’t be long until Jahan’s producing some more exceptional works, so make sure you’re following him on Instagram here, and subscribed to his YouTube here. Also, if you’re interested in learning from him, check out his SkillShare classes here. Lastly, if you’d like to support him and his brand, consider purchasing the DEVELOP stickers he’s produced here.

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