I bought a digital camera some time ago. Even though I first took great pleasure in using it, discovering what photography is all about, I quickly became disinterested by the process (taking a lot of pictures and then editing them in Lightroom). In the mean time, my grandmother gave me an old Leica R4 with two lenses (35 mm and 90 mm) that she was no longer using. I took a lot of time getting involved with this material, and when I did I discovered that the R4 had a mechanical problem that was not repairable. I waited until spring of 2018 to buy a new camera to go along with the lenses: a Leica R5. Luckily for me, the Leica analog cameras are not expensive, contrary to the lenses. It wasn’t until May of 2018 that I was fully prepared to go explore the wonderful world of analog photography, with the summer holidays in sight. Since then, I rarely used my digital camera again.


Analog photography brought me two things that digital couldn’t. I am using the verb “bring” but I should rather use “remove”, since those two things are rather limits than advantages. The first thing is the fixed focal length: I finally have to really think about my compositions, to move my body instead of zooming in and out. The second thing has to do with film: the limited number of photos as well as the technical aspects (color or black and white, the light measurement). Those elements brought me to totally rethink my conception of photography, and brought me to take – in my opinion – much better pictures. In the mean time, I discovered the film community of Instagram, which encouraged me to try new techniques as well as taught me things I couldn’t have learned anywhere else.


As for my photos, I mostly shoot during trips or walks. If I had to categorize myself, I would say that I’m a “street photographer”, primarily for the reason that I live in the city and that the destination of my trips are rather urban than rural. Since I spent most of my holidays in Italy and in the South of France this summer, I shot a lot of color film (Portra, Ektar and Lomography) to capture the beauty of the summer but I don’t really have a preference for now, and I really like the black and white pictures I took recently (with TriX or Ilford HP5).

Since starting shooting film in May, I really discovered myself a new passion, growing stronger each time I go out and use my camera. I always try to push myself a little further each time, to be more adventurous with my street subjects. That’s maybe the most important thing I have to practice before making really good pictures.