Hey! I'm Michael, I'm 24 and I like in the UK. 

I would love to say that I have been carrying a camera from a young age, but I was actually late to the party. I bought my first camera on New Year's Day of 2016, and since then I've dived fully into the photography world. I studied photography part time for 18 months in which I first had an opportunity to shoot film; that is where my passion for photography evolved.

I originally bought a camera to motivate me to experience the beautiful outdoors. I have clinical depression, and I found that having a motivation to get outside significantly benefited my mental health. I began with my Canon 70D, shooting bracketed exposures, trying to master HDR imagery so that I could produce some of those "Instagram bangers" that receive ludicrous amounts of likes. It was only when I studied photography, and in particular analogue photography, that I learnt that I was chasing something shallow (in my opinion) and that I was misrepresenting the photographical truth. I don't want to offend people: there is nothing wrong with this type of artistic expression, but it is not my chosen artistic expression anymore - and that's okay! Each to their own, right?

So my love of analogue photography began with an Olympus OM10 and a dark room that I had access to. It forced me to be a better photographer technically. I began to appreciate when I captured a scene that didn't require meticulous editing. After all, I began this journey in photography wishing to experience the outdoors; what was the purpose of spending more time editing than capturing the images?  

Later on in my studies, we began discussing the different formats of film. I became greatly interested in adding another format into my arsenal. So, I made the rookie mistake of taking a punt on a camera on eBay, but I turned out to be one of the lucky few! I found a Mamiya RB67 Pro S with the 90mm f/3.8 for a great price, and purchased it straight away. Since then, I've been pushing myself to learn the intricacies of shooting film. I've since purchased the chemicals to develop at home, the scanner, the whole shebang and I couldn't be more happier with the results. Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly still learning, but I'm enjoying every second of it.

Now that you know a little bit about me and my journey, why don't I share what's in my future? I'm currently working on a few things:

The first you're currently experiencing: YOUR EXHIBITION. I've really enjoyed being part of this community, and sure, I'm not the most well-known or vocal member, but I want to give back. I want to build this website up as a resource for all film photographers to use and share.

The second is a couple of zine ideas. I've recently produced a printed piece as my first real test, which went well. I may share those results in a future post (keep an eye out for that), but I want to produce something with a bit more purpose. The first is a typological piece, and the second completely different, but I'm very much in the planning phase.

Lastly, I want to become more photographically knowledgable. I'm currently trying to acquire as many zines as I can finance. This is to become more educated about the medium. That's been very enjoyable, and I will be sure to post some pieces on the publications I've picked up thus far, but I'm always looking for more, so if you have one, either find me on Instagram, YOUR EXHIBITION's Instagram or through the Contact Us section.

I think that's it for now. I don't want to give too much away for what's in the pipelines, but I will say this: this is YOUR EXHIBITION. We want this place to be yours, so if you want to be featured on the website or Instagram, then reach out and contact us. We'd love to have you share your work with as many people as possible. View the Being Featured section for more information.