My name is Jules, I am a 28 years old photography enthusiast from France. I mostly enjoy shooting black and white street photography, or go out and capture subjects that capture my curiosity. I also dip my toes into experimentations with colour and alternative processes. I also happen to be a bartender. 

I first got into photography when I was travelling during my early 20's. I bought a Nikon D90 to shoot some memories like almost everybody does. While traveling to Thailand to practice thai boxing, I had a strong impulse to do series of photos about the young boxers I trained amongst. I realised then that I could use photography as a medium to express a form of sensibility that I had kept for myself so far. 

Now photography really has become a part of how I communicate with people, whether it be by capturing the life of a scene in the streets, by documenting anything from a concert to a far away culture, or by exchanging on photography processes and other people's work. I shoot mainly with a Minolta XG1 nowadays. 

Apart from the look of film, I love the feeling you get when you have a print you made in your hands. I like film photography because it is a process I can understand, from start to finish. The actual science is understandable. I consider film photography as a craft more than an art. 


I currently have two projects on the fire. 

The first one is a series of pictures shot in North Korea in 2017, wich will be the subject of an exhibition in September (More information coming soon). I went to Pyongyang on the 9th of September in 2017, when the political situation was at its worsts, to shoot some street photography of the most mysterious capital of the world. 

My other project is an international film swap experiment. I am having a blast doing blind double exposures with people from across the globe. There is an accidental aspect to it that makes the photographs we get very uniques and it gets me to connect with a lot of amazing people form different cultures sharing the same love for film photography.