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My name is Nigel, and outside of my 9 - 5 job, I’m usually found walking around my hometown of Leeds with a camera in my hand. Recently, you're more likely to find me in gig venues; capturing music artists using an analogue camera with black and white film.

I’d say that I started photography 3 years ago when I first got an iPhone. Looking back now though, when the first camera phones came out I was taking pictures, but not putting much thought into them. Then, I got a digital camera 2 years later, and a film camera 6 months after that. Nowadays, I find myself enjoying black and white film the most, though I have shot the occasional roll of colour.

For the most part, my photography has focused on the streets and urban environments. I’m trying to bring the techniques I’ve developed over the past few years to capture the energy of live bands in local venues. Using an analogue camera can be a huge challenge which I’ve enjoyed I've enjoyed it so much; it has given my photography a much-needed burst of energy. Low and constantly changing lighting conditions can force me to use some low shutter speeds, but I find that these challenges produce images that have a lot of texture and atmosphere.

I released my first photo project last December:  a zine title ‘Enter Barcelona’. It is a collection of colour film photos taken on holiday whilst I was in Barcelona. I have a few copies still available on my website here

At the time, I had just started to shoot film, and I wasn’t sure whether I should take a digital camera as well. A friend, who got me into film photography, set me a challenge to just take images with my film camera, so that’s what I did. That camera was an Olympus Trip 35.

My go-to cameras are the Minolta XG-1 and Olympus OM10. For film, it's Ilford FP4 @ 400 during the day and HP5 @ 1600 for low light.

Overall I just want to have fun enjoy the creative process, showcase what I can do and inspire and educate.