I’m Jason Brewer, a 40-something Father of three and IT Professional that squeezes in time for Photography when I have spare moments during my daily life. I shoot both black and white and color film to capture a wide variety of Midwestern subjects that capture my curiosity in my home state of Wisconsin. I also shoot digitally when there is a need for it for clients when I am paid to shoot local events.

I have always been a bit of a shutterbug as a kid. I was regularly taking pictures with my parent’s Polaroids, Kodak 110 and Disc Cameras. I didn’t have any close family members that were photographers so because of that; I had joined my High School photo club my senior year to learn more about Photography to take better pictures. However, it didn’t work out well as I quit after a week or two as I was more interested in skateboarding instead and I didn’t feel the drive to pursue it further.

I did keep taking pictures, and I was always interested in capturing the mundane and banal things more than anything else especially after seeing the movie “One Hour Photo” with Robin Williams.

It wasn’t until about 20 years later at the end of 2012 and beginning of 2013 that I got serious and took the “Complete Course in Professional Photography” at the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) to improve my Photographic skills, and it boosted a love of the Art.

As a full-time Father and IT Professional, I often must sacrifice my photography time for work or time with my family. However, I do try to shoot during free time when on work trips or when my family is with me and make it an outing for all of us by combining Family Adventure time with my Photography Project time.

I currently have several ongoing long-term projects are focused on capturing the small Midwestern Life around where I live.

  • “Home Towns” – Capturing the actual town(s) where I have and currently live.

  • “Small Town WI” – I also drive around on weekends to surrounding small farming/pre-WWII industrial towns by documenting their forgotten history that was left behind by people migrating away from them to larger towns/cities for work.

  • “Fair View” – During the late summers, I try to visit county fairs in the local region and capture the people and activities on my Holga 120N or my Russian Lubitel 166B TLR.

  • “Where We Were” – In all my travels I also try to document the smaller things we as humans have left behind and left to decay in place.

  • “People are Strangers.” – A recently started project to challenge myself to do more portrait work of friends and strangers I meet in my travels.

Because all these projects will go on for a long time due to my limited time to shoot I created my zine “Oddments.” This way I can share my projects as I work on them instead of waiting for years to create a single complete body of work for each project. I released Volume One of the Zine in November 2017 and working on Volume two currently for release this fall.

If you'd like to learn a bit more about me, here are a few other works that have featured me: