I'm an 18 year old film photographer. I shoot 35mm and 6x6 medium format and I have a passion for black & white film photography, bulk loading film, developing and scanning myself. I'm constantly trying to challenge myself by exploring new styles and subject matters with each shoot to keep things interesting. I self-published my first zine - Latent Image - in August 2018 and that has motivated me to explore new creative avenues to use as projects. My eye is drawn to shapes, lines, and contrast, and these appear frequently in my work.

I shoot primarily on a Canon EOS 500n, with a cheap, somewhat mouldy kit lens from 1996. It was my first film camera, originally owned by my uncle. I take it everywhere I go and always ensure I have plenty of film for it. My photographic eye never sleeps, and I find composition in everything.

I also shoot on a 1962 Yashica-Mat. I use this for planned shoots. I simply love medium format, and the experience of using a TLR camera.

I'm an Ilford man, using HP5 and Kentmere 400 as my main stocks. I exclusively use Rodinal to develop my film.

You can see find my Instagram here. 

I also had my debut zine Latent Image featured here on YOUR EXHIBITION. You can read that article here.