Enter Barcelona - NIGEL (UNEVENEDITS)

If you're not familiar with the A LOOK AT series, we at YOUR EXHIBITION love to support the work of analogue shooters from around the world, and part of supporting those creators is acquiring their printed work. Today we'd like to share one of the zines that Nigel from @unevenedits: Enter Barcelona. 

Enter Barcelona has a narrative unlike any other I've witnessed so far. There's a preface to the zine that Nigel shares: 

Before my trip to Barcelona a friend suggested I should just take pictures using my film camera. Until then I'd only been doing film photography for 2 months. The comment was said in jest but there was an underlying challenge. 

These are some of my favourite images.

All taken with an Olympus Trip 35 camera on Kodak Colour Plus 200 film.

I really rate this narrative. The "I was set a challenge, and this is what I achieved" idea is a great motivation to produce something. I have found that when you set yourself challenges within your creative process, you can often produce some of your greatest work. It forces you to engage with something in a way that you might not have otherwise. Nigel's Enter Barcelona is a great example of this. If you're interested in other challenge concepts, I would recommend checking out the work of Mike Williams who came up with the challenge "12 Months, 12 Cameras". I gather he'll be doing "12 Months, 12 Films" soon. Another example would be Rik Groenland's #52RollsProject. 

As for the zine itself, it has a very similar feel to Spencer Reed's MY CITY. There's a charming simplicity to it, with the natural paper texture, and A5 size. The paper is thicker than usual paper though, and it makes it feel a bit more rigid, and it holds the ink well without bleeding through the pages. It's a very fitting finish to the challenge narrative.

As for the images, I'm going to be a bit biased, because I do like Nigel's style. That being said, I'm more familiar with his monochromatic work, so these colour images caught me off-guard. The colours are gorgeous throughout the zine. They are iconic pastel tones we associate with film, and it certainly helps that Nigel has deliberately considered the colours. Some of the images have such a balance to them in regards to colour.

This first example is one of my favourite spreads in the zine: Lady in White 1 and 2. These two images feature a similar tones as they're both ladies in white in a similar setting. As both of these images share many similarities, their differences stand out. For example, the first lady is carrying so vibrant balloon models, whilst the second has these loud yellow shoes. I think the intentional capture and placement of these images is just brilliant. Nigel's attention to detail captures my attention. 

This next double page spread is brilliant also. I'm a particular fan of the framing in Selfie, but the placement of The Local looking at the selfie-taker is genius. I really like it when two unrelated images are cleverly placed to propose a new narrative. Sometimes it can be corny, but I feel Nigel's done well to do this tastefully. 

This is another welcome addition to the YOUR EXHIBITION library. If you would like to grab a copy yourself, then make sure you get in contact with Nigel via his Instagram here. If you'd like to see more of his work, check out his profile here, or read his GET TO KNOW ME article here. 

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