Hi, I’m Nicholas. I’m 20 years old and currently reside in England.

Photography is an art form which only entered my life in the past couple of years; but I quickly became engrossed. Analogue, black and white street photography is what I am most comfortable with but as of recently I have been delving into the world of portraiture.

Thanks to the mysterious algorithm with which YouTube recommends videos to its users, two years ago I started to research photography as a hobby and take my first steps towards where I am today. Initially, I bought a DSLR which served me well for a few months until I had to part ways with it for financial reasons. The easiest way to get back into photography was to buy a SLR and experiment with film for the first time. I settled on a Canon A1 and after a visit to the doctors to get rid of the infamous Canon cough it has served me well ever since.

After shooting film for a year and getting used to the darkroom processes I started to view photography as something more serious than just a hobby to occupy myself. I applied to study a photography degree (starting in September), started to look to photobooks for inspiration, invested in a Rolleicord Va and began working towards projects.

So, are there any projects in the pipeline?

There sure are. I am currently working on a zine titled ‘Personable Parisians’ which features a mix of street photography and portraiture shot on a recent trip to Paris. This was a personal project to force myself to explore multiple arrondissements and try to photograph as many residents and as few tourists as possible. It is a solely black and white collection featuring both medium format and 35mm photos.