Hello, My name is Chris. It's not likely that you will find me without my camera. I live and travel in the United States. Currently located in Lakewood, CO. My Home is in Pittsburgh, PA. It is there that I found my Love for photographing the Streets.

I was first exposed to photography as a child like most Kids that grew up in the 90's were. Finding my moms 35 mm laying around it did not take long for me to abduct it. I took photos of everything and lucky for me she did not mind. She encouraged it by paying to have the film developed. Which back then included trips to the drug store, 2-week waiting periods, and countless nights of a young anxious 9 year old who wanted to know if the photos were ready.

Fast forward Some 10 years later. That is where you will find 19 year old me being reunited with a Pentax k1000.

I wish my love for photography had not faded away like bell bottoms and Giga pets but it had. One day well packing up to move into a new apartment I found my old camera. I instinctively held it up to my eye and just like that.

A wave of memories and passion consumed me once more. That's when I decided that I would never stop taking photos again.

I never went to school for photography. Everything I have learned was through connecting with other photographers, reading and just shooting as much as possible. Now I am 31 years old I travel the states as a freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer. I'm in love with shooting street always have been. Mostly because you can just go do it. All you need is a camera a roll of film and its go time. For business, I shoot Travel, Portraits, and Product. I love all photography and I encourage everyone to just shoot what they want.

I don't usually talk about gear because I'm a sole believer in worrying about technical aspects of what makes an image great. I am always working to improve my knowledge and skills more so then my equipment. With that being said I can't pass up a good thrift find. I'm currently shooting The Pentax K2 or the Mamiya RB67. I go back and forth between color and black&white films. My go-to B&W at the moment is Kentmere 400. The Color film I'm using right now is Porta 160. I develop all of my film at home and scan it using a flatbed scanner. 

I'm not sure if I would be me without film photography. I'm almost current I would not be where I am now without film photography. I think that the one consistent about film photography besides it freezing moments. It creates moments as well. Something about it brings communities of people together and I love that.