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Hi! My name is Illia Popovych and I am based in Uzhhorod (Ungvar), Ukraine.

I have been shooting film for around a year now thanks to an amazing friend who introduced it to me. I use 35mm and 6x6 as my format of choice, mostly shooting black and white.

Going from digital to film has completely changed my vision of photography: the goal, the subject and the philosophy.

It is painstakingly difficult to define your goal in any type of art as we are always in the process of seeking ourselves. For me photography is a way of framing the world and the moment, at the same time giving a meaning to it. Personally, the more universal and complex the meaning is, the more satisfaction I get as an artist.

Trying different genres of photography gave me different perspectives of the world that surrounds us. Film made me shoot people more: strangers, friends, family. The reasons being both technically (the skin tones, exuberance and the imperfections) and emotionally (the avidity of seeing the results, the happiness of sharing the art of photography with the people). Shooting landscapes, street photography and conceptual photos also made me think in a different manner with film.

Film has also become the catalyst of my experimentation: double exposures, trying out different stocks, cross processing, acknowledging the imperfections as part of the creative process and much more.

Developing film at home made me more knowledgeable of chemistry, physics (optics especially) thus bringing more awareness of the world to me. Darkroom printing has also made me appreciate this art in itself. Dodging, burning, trying out different paper, expositions and developers are all an amazing experience.


As a photographer I always try to improve my technique and vision, try different styles and find my own way of seizing the moment and I hope more and more people will try film to understand the real beauty of photography. I have created a mini photolab with my friend (@dimashahayda) to promote film culture in Ukraine (@zernofilm) where it is only starting to gain popularity. We develop, scan and print all by ourselves and have a blast while doing it! A local exhibition of our printed works is coming up soon.




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