Pyongyang - An Exhibition

*We're really pleased to share with you Jules Le Moal's latest project: his Paris exhibition sharing his images from Pyongyang when he visited in September 2017. The following is the brief that he's including in his exhibition:


September 2017,

Tension is palpable. Not one day goes by without the newspapers reporting the altercations between Kim Jong-Un and the American president. I thought the timing was ideal to take a week long vacation in Pyongyang. Driven by my curiosity, I wanted to try and see for myself what’s behind the curtain; it’s the human nature .

“Strolling down” the streets of Pyongyang feels like walking through a corridor full of closed doors. I still managed to make my guides accept the use of my film camera with surprise, (control not being possible over undeveloped film) which gave me a bit more flexibility towards what I could or couldn’t shoot. I did not abuse that “freedom under high surveillance” out of respect for my hosts, and I have to admit by a fair amount of fear as well.

I wanted to photograph through the keyholes to find some kind of truth. After a few days, following my guides from museums to amusement parks, along the same pavements that the few thousands brave enough to visit Pyongyang all walk, all I am left with is more questions than answers...

Jules Le Moal

*If you find yourself in Paris before the end of September, make sure you visit Jules' exhibition. The images look truly great, and I think you'll agree tat Jules is worth supporting.


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