Jason Brewer's 2019 Goals


With the weight of 2018 behind me (Starting a new job that required relocation & buying a new house along with a newborn baby, all happening within three months) I have had a little time to reflect and set two essential goals for 2019 Photographically.

Goal 1: Looking ahead and seeing what may be taking place later in the year (Graduate School), I the first goal for the new year is for me to take a step back and honestly shoot for myself to focus on refining my Art. I want to remove the pressure of shooting for a specific project as well as deliberately shooting to get images for the next Zine to publish.

Goal 2: Do more when I can with others. When time allows I want to do more with others. Whether that is walking the streets together, working with people to model for me to learn more portraiture, or merely doing a distance collaboration of some sort I want to feel like I am not living on a little island within the Photographic Ocean this year.

Here is to a happy 2019 for all!


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