Jules Le Moal's 2019 Goals

Hey guys,

Hope you’re all doing good. 2018 has been a good year to me photography wise. Produced 2 Zines which have gone sold out, and got the chance to exhibit my photos from North Korea twice. 


Up until a few weeks ago, I had made some cool plans for 2019.

But as those of you that have been following me for a while may know, a massive protest movement has risen in France, against the actual government, and that I made the call to cover those events, the best I could, in support to this movement (I do feel this is a rightful fight, and I do think we need a society change). 

For now it has gone a bit more quiet since Christmas, and we are not sure of what this movement is going to turn into, come this year.

So depending on that I may or may not be able to invest in the other projects I had planned. 

But if I do, here is a short summary of what I intend to work on:

Me and a friend are working on a collaborative exhibition supposed to take place during a photographic festival (Les photographiques) in our home town (Le Mans)

Knowing that we are to show those photos in a coffee-shop/gallery, and the fact that we are the only photographers from Le Mans to display our work during this festival,  we decided that we will be printing with CAFFENOL, some of our respective favourite street photographs of our very own city. 

I also intended to start shooting material for a project I have had in mind for quite some time now. I don’t want to give to much away for now, but let’s give you a taste of it, as it will also feature work not only printed but also developed with Caffenol. Another hint ? This project will require me to learn a new set of skills. Indeed I intend to work with sound as well for this one. It’s been a craving for a long time, to use sound effects/tracks to compliment photographic work. Be it as an ambiance or as a source of verbal informations. 

Also on the film community side of things, I have received as a gift more expired color film than I can shoot for the next year for sure. So expect some filmswap to happen again.

If I let myself go on about all the ideas I have in mind and that I wish to accomplish I could probably keep going all day long about possible upcoming projects. But as mentioned before, the social climate here will dictate wether I will be working on my own thing this year, or if I will be covering a revolution we are many to wait for. 

In the meantime, I have more than 20 rolls to develop and scan from the time spent covering the past weeks’ protests. I better get to it.

Wish you all the best for 2019,

Truly yours,


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