My name is Marius, I’m almost 27 and I’m from Romania but right now I live in Zagreb, Croatia. I'm a Franciscan brother (for more information it's easier if you are google it) and I studied theology in Romania, preparing to become a Catholic priest. I have one more year to study before I finish the faculty but as of now (october 2018-september 2019) I have a break: for one year I don't study theology and I'm here in Zagreb to have a new experience, to know a new culture, to meet new people and to learn Croatian language. I live in a community of Croatian friars. The passion for photography come less or more by chance when I was nominated to be the photographer of the faculty where I studied in Romania. Before that I never had nothing to do with photography. 

Photography it's a way to express yourself like writing, singing, acting, speaking. You just have to find the right way to express yourself, to involve your personality into something.I never studied photography but I started to shoot by my own. Maybe it's not the best way to start. Almost all I had learned during the time was by experimenting. That's why I don't have technical knowledge. It's more like a intuitive thing.  

I’m new in film photography, I have just one year since I started to shoot, but I started to take pictures with a digital camera 6 years ago. Always I was fascinated about film photography and finally I bought myself my first film camera. Actually is the only one that I use: Pentax P30. I received a Zenit camera but I never used. But all I have to say is that I love film photography and I can’t describe to you how nervous I was when I took the first shot. Right now I don’t develop and scan my negatives but I hope that I’ll be able to do this thing in the near future. The whole process sounds really interesting and I’m sure that this thing will deliver me a lot of joy. I don’t shot very much but I try to take good shots from the beginning and I never take two exactly shots, except once. Another thing, I don’t shoot just one type of photography, but I shoot everything I like, that’s why you can see that I have different kind of pictures: landscapes, nature, portraits, street shots, even cars. Choose whatever you like and let me know what you think about what you see! In the last couple of months I started to shoot a lot on the streets. It's very challenging and sometimes I'm feeling like a thief but it's really interesting. Photography helped me a lot to see the things around me, opened my eyes and made me more curious than before. 

Right know I’m working on a project that is really personal (it's about my life in the last months) with film photography and I hope that I’ll be able to release something these year, so stay close!