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I may or may not have a YouTube problem.

I absolutely love the film community - I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t. Part of the film community that I have enjoyed a lot is the YouTube film community. There are many great channels out their producing great content. There’s POV shooting videos, darkroom tutorials, zine reviews, behind the scenes of exhibitions and more. There’s lots to learn from them and I almost guarantee that there’s something for everyone from the below list. The below list shares why I follow them, and provides you with a direct link through to their YouTube channels.

In no particular order:

  • MATT DAY - Most of you will probably be familiar with Matt as he’s one of the most subscribed from this list. He’s producing content on a variety of formats, with a variety of cameras, on a variety of topics. One of my favourite videos is where he talks you through the compositions he shoots whilst in an abandoned building. You can find that video here.

  • NICK EXPOSED - Nick is one of the reasons YOUR EXHIBITION exists. He’s such a great guy with a passion for people - and he just so happens to take great photos. One series that I’m excited to see more of is the Zines You Should Check Out series. You can find that here.

  • NEGATIVE FEEDBACK - This list wouldn’t be complete without George Muncey. He’s produced a number of videos I’d recommend; his interview with Rosie Matheson is definitely worth a watch, but the one I’ll link here is a video about colour printing. Fascinating stuff.

  • SHOOT FILM LIKE A BOSS - Roger is a darkroom wizard. His videos go in depth about how he develops and prints at home. Something I really appreciate is his transparency: if he has a darkroom cock-up, he won’t hide it. Instead he makes it into a valuable lesson for both himself and us. Pick any video - you won’t be disappointed.

  • GRAIN TV - Chris of GRAIN TV also makes great darkroom content too. He seldom uploads, but it’s worth the wait. From paper review to providing his top 10 darkroom tips - it’s all content worth watching.

  • NICO’S PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW - Nico is on a serious grind at the moment, and I’m a massive fan. He’s been producing great videos at an alarming rate, but it never feels like a video is rushed. He’ll tell you about exciting news in the film photography world, share some of his darkroom techniques, or share interviews from Camera Rescue Photokina.

  • AWESOME CAMERAS - Joey and his friend Derek just love film, and it their passion translates wonderfully into video. Enough said.

  • WILLEM VERBEECK - A fairly recent addition to my subscription list, Willem is a primarily portrait photographer in New York. With a passion for fashion, and a great understanding of video, his channel is filled with well produced content that even I am still working my way through.

  • THE NAKED PHOTOGRAPHER - Underrated YouTuber here. Even though I don’t enjoy the gimmicky intro to his channel, Gregory obviously knows what he’s talking about, and it’s a treat to be able to gain an insight into his darkroom practices.

  • PUSHING FILM - Having recently left his full-time job, Hashem is currently now embracing the life as a free-lancer. Now that he’s been dedicating more time to exploring photography, he’s been keen to build the film photography scene in Australia.

  • ANALOG THINGS - Marco is blooming brilliant. I’ve never shot instant film, but I certainly will do. His videos have inspired me greatly, and I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m cutting up polaroids and try the experimentations he demonstrates.

  • AUTHENTIC AESTHETIC - I love James from Authentic Aesthetic. I first came across his videos when I was thinking about producing my first zine. Since then, I’m enjoyed the videos he’s produced. He’s different to anyone else on this list.

  • ERIK WAHLSTROM - Erik has some of the best narrative-style videos on YouTube. His other videos are pretty good, but the narrative ones are just something else.

  • MURPHY’S FILM - Now who doesn’t love Garth? Liverpool-living, film-shooting Garth of Murphy’s film is one of the realest dudes in the community. Since the start of 2019 he’s made 5 videos, and hopefully this momentum continues!

  • NICK CARVER - Nick is a king of printing. I love that he is an advocate for printing, and he shares his experience of printing large fine art prints. He also produces great “on-location” videos like this one on Route 66.

  • ROSIE MATHESON - Do I really need to explain this one? Rosie’s portrait work is another level. When I found out that the creator of Boys had a YouTube channel, I didn’t hesitate in subscribing, and nor should you!

  • THIS DESIGNED THAT - Paul’s channel isn’t explicitly a film photography channel, but he is a passionate creative that I’ve learned lots from. He has also produced a few great videos with his Mamiya RZ67 in Taipei that you can find here.

  • TIMOTHY MAKEUPS - Even though he hasn’t uploaded in months, Timothy’s channel still has to be part of this list. I’d highly recommend checking out the WE BELIEVE IN FILM podcast.

  • CRAIG PRENTIS - Craig is a UK-based landscape photographer that regularly takes his dog Barney out on his shoots. He takes time to explain why he’s shooting his chosen composition, and it’s refreshing to have that level of detail.

  • KING JVPES - If I’m completely honest, I haven’t always been a fan of King Jvpes. The whole “Minolta Gang”, hype-beast kind of thing makes me cringe a bit. That being said, he has greatly matured as a photographer over the more recent videos, with his most recent (at the time of writing) being one of my favourites. You can find that POV video here.

  • BEN HORNE - If you love landscape photography, take the time to enjoy Ben’s videos. They’re slow, reflective, and just brilliant. He knows what he’s talking about, and the images he produce are just remarkable.

  • ALAN BROCK - If you like Ben, chances are you’ll like Alan. Their work is similar, but they each have their own merits. Also, if you like planes, this might be your thing.

  • SHOOTSWITHCOOPS - Last but not least is our Australian brother Shootswithcoops! Coops is a likeable guy who just happens to shoot film. He regularly talks about gear, but it doesn’t feel like a “gear channel”. Check out his most recent video here titled Needs vs Wants in Photography.

Now I am sure I’ve forgotten someone, and I’m never going to forgive myself when I realise who I’ve forgotten, but until then you should have plenty of videos to view from the aforementioned creators. I hope you found someone new worth subscribing to.


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