Lights Camera.…..

Today we’re pleased to share with you Spencer Reeds latest body of work: “Lights Camera……” We took the opportunity to ask him about this project, and the initiative he’s created to support the film community.


What is this project about?
This project was about challenging myself as a photographer - in the harshest way possible: by shooting at night. It made everything harder because you’re hunting down light, finding how to use it and then taking the photograph.

What inspired this project?
The inspiration for this project was that I was seeing these amazing photographs shot at night. With the colors and the light that was produced was amazing. I was captivated and knew that I had to try it for myself.

How did you choose the title?
I thought of the title when I was watching a movie called Super 8. It’s a movie about these kids that film a movie; of course on old super 8 cameras. Then I thought of the old saying: Lights camera action!! And decided that would be it. Lights  camera..... and thought that was so good because it leaves a mystery to it. Where you want to know what’s out there.


What is it you like about lights at night?
Why I like lights at night is that you get different colors based on what light you are shooting. So it’s just so drastic and dynamic that I love it.

What was the biggest challenge you faced when producing this project?
Honestly the biggest challenge was going and finding these subjects. I would walk around my town at night just looking for interesting scenes to photograph.

Why have you chosen to present this project as a zine?
To print something for me coming from a digital camera. Is something special to me to hold your work in your hand. I remember the first time I got a print of mine done. It was just the most incredible thing. I remember being so close to the photograph looking at all the details. That producing a work that was online is no the same. Being able to hold it is way more of an experience.

What zines have you taken inspiration from?
Actually none I didn’t look up any zines for this project I wanted to not be influenced by anything while doing the formatting.

Tell us more about the community initiative associated with this zine. 
This trying to help out people that have a dream and a passion like me - to make it their job. I want to help them out on a project. I want to help them out with getting to the next step and creating a community about that.


How can people win the giveaway?
Well I want to here there story I want to here what they want to do. It does not have to be Photography. It can be anything in the creative field. I want to give this money to people that need it and I want to tell there stories.

So how do you enter? Simply follow the @the_creativ3_revolution and tag them in your story of what you’re are doing while holding a copy of the zine. And I’ll know who has and hasn’t bought one.

If you’re interested in this project, and would like to purchase a copy yourself, go over to Spencer’s Instagram and purchase a copy. You can do so here.