SHOOTOUT: March 2019 - Happy Accidents

Welcome to the YOUR EXHIBITION SHOOTOUT announcement for March 2019. This is a monthly series in which we encourage you to produce new images around a set theme, and you have the chance of receiving a zine from our collection.

Before we get on to this month’s theme of Happy Accidents, we’d like to congratulate Alina Nanelle for winning the February SHOOTOUT. I think you’ll agree that her double exposure entry is brilliant, and the worthy winner of Steven Cox’s The Fifth Dimension. You can follow them here.

And don’t be disappointed if you didn’t manage to win The Fifth Dimension. Steven has reduced the price of it on his store for a limited time. It’s 25% off! If you want to capitalise on this offer, make sure you order it soon. You can do so here. Also, consider picking up a copy of his other zine PRAGUE. You can buy that here.

Now it’s time for March’s SHOOTOUT, and it’s a pretty awesome one! We’re stoked to have Jules Le Moal being the judge for this one, and he’s donated a very special zine: Useful Idiocy. If you’re fortunate enough to already have a copy of this zine, you’ll know how great it is. It’s certainly a wonderful zine to have in anyone’s collection.

But how do you win this zine? Well that’s simple! Jules has set the theme of Happy Accidents. Let’s see what Jules has to say about it:

I mean by that something unexpected or unwanted, which has turned out to be interesting for any reason. I would like people to tell me what has happened (and why). Obviously I don’t ask you to provoke any accidents, but rather to use something you have produced by total mistake/accident. 

Pretty cool, right? We think it’s safe to say that we’ve all had accidents with film. Maybe something went wrong in developing, you’ve accidentally exposed the film twice, or something completely different! We’d love to see your images and hear how or why you experienced these unexpected results.


As for the rules, they’re still the same: simply upload your image(s) to Instagram, tag us (@YOUR_EXHIBITION) in the image, and use the #YEShootout hashtag. We look forward to seeing your Happy Accidents. As usual, the SHOOTOUT will run for the whole month and the winner will be announced on April 1st!

How about some inspiration? Here’s a few images that Jules has provided as examples:

#Firstoftheroll on Portra 160 shot in North Korea.

We can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Happy shooting!