Podcasts for Film Enthusiasts

During his YOUR TAKEOVER, Michael Boorman wrote an article about film photography YouTube channels. You can find that article here. Now George takes the time to share with us his favourite podcasts. Enjoy.

Although I enjoy watching the occasional YouTube videos, my main consumption of photography related media is via Podcasts, I can listen while commuting and also on my mobile whilst at work.

There are literally 100s of photography podcasts out there, which cover everything from pinhole photography through to digital.  There are plenty of film photography podcast and I'm going to list a few of my favourites, this is not an extensive list as there is many more out there, and once you start listening to a few, you will soon pick up on new ones.

Analog talk

Hosted by Christine Bartolucci and Timothy Ditzler. The show is mainly based on interviews with a particular guest each week there is also some news and reviews. Christine and Timothy alsol talk about zines.

Runtime is usually about an hour.

Classic Camera Revival

As its name suggests the classic camera revival podcast, likes to talk about pre 2000 cameras.  There is also talked about film stocks, shooting film on a budget. As most of the hosts shoot with Nikons it can be very Nikon centric. They also cover things like how to digitise your films.

Runtime anything from 45 minutes to over an hour.

Film Photography Podcast

The film photography podcast is the longest-running film podcast with over 200 episodes. Each week host Michael Raso is joined by co-hosts Matt Marrash and Leslie Lazenby to talk about all things film photography.

Runtime anything from 45 minutes to over an hour.

Photography Matters

Hosted by the man with the smoothest voice in podcasting Ted Vieira, many of you might know Ted from his YouTube channel but he also does a podcast which is running into about 80 episodes. Ted talks about his reintroduction to film and also his love of Fuji Acros and trying to find a substitute for it. He also talks about what inspires him how to get inspired and projects that he is shooting.

The shows are bitesize and run to maybe 30 minutes, well worth listening to just for his silky voice.

Sunny 16

The sunny 16 is hosted by Ade, Graeme and Rachel. They put out 2 shows a week the main show Sunny 16 and a midweek one called Backing Paper. The main sunny 16 podcast will normally have a guest from within the film photography community, and will also cover news events. The midweek backing paper episode contains emails from listeners, chat about the previous episode and talk about the sunny 16 camera challenge; the cheap shot challenge.

Runtime on these podcasts can be anything from an hour to nearly 2 hours

A small voice conversations with photographers

Hosted by Ben Smith and as the title suggests it is interviews with photographers. The podcast is bi-weekly and the interviews are not necessary all film photographers but many who have shot film in the past but moved over to digital for commercial reasons. Ben is closing in on a 100 episodes, with interviews from the likes of Martin Parr, Bruce Gilden, Matt Stuart, Chris Steele-Perkins and Martin Usborne of Hoxton Mini Press.

Runtime can be anything from an hour to 2 hours.

The negative positive film photography podcast

The show is hosted by Mike Gutterman and Andre Dominguez, there are two shows a week the main one being posted on a Monday morning and the midweek one on a Thursday. The main show will usually include a guest and occasionally EM from emulsive.org. Chat usually revolves around what the guys have done the previous week, emails, camera reviews and anything else happening in the film photography world. The midweek show is normally a solo show of either Mike or Andre.

This is one of the fun podcasts out there with a lot of banter between the two guys and their guests and nothing is ever taken that seriously.

The show also has a large active community group over on Facebook with over 3000 members.

Runtime for the main show can be up to 2 hours and for the solo shows anything from 15 to 45 minutes.

All the links for the podcast take you to the iTunes page where you can see all the episodes that have been already posted.

Like I said these are a few of my favourite shows and there are plenty more out there, and new film photographers are coming on board with new podcast every week to be discovered.

If they're any podcast you listen to and feel could be added to the list, pop them in the comments so people can take a look.

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