The Dark Chamber Stamps - Amy Paterson

In today’s A LOOK AT article, we’re featuring something a bit different. In this series so far, we have shown you dozens of great zines that we think you should pick up. You can learn about those zines here. Today we’re pleased to share with you Amy Paterson’s stamp brand: The Dark Chamber.

Back in November 2018, Amy announced that she was launching a brand for the film community which offered useful stamps. Ever since then, we’ve been itching to get our hands on them, and we’re happy to say that they’re even better than we imagined.


We purchased two custom stamps: the first is solely for YOUR EXHIBITION, but the second can also be used for my personal work and it says “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT”. Amy offers a wide range of stamps on her website, and even though there’s many great designs to choose from, we decided to get in contact to request these two.

In a previous JUST A THOUGHT article, I (@michaeljboorman) shared why I thought packaging mattered, and so I decided to invest into that by purchasing the first stamp. This now means that I can brand our envelopes with YOUR EXHIBITION. A little touch, but one that I think works well.

The second stamp means that I can make the backing board that I include with prints and zines serve an additional purpose; the space is no longer wasted, but now expresses my gratitude for people supporting myself and what we’re building in YOUR EXHIBITION.

It wouldn’t really be an A LOOK AT article without me actually reviewing them, right? Well I’m happy to say they’re flawless. That’s right; I have no negative remarks about them. They’re very well constructed, so even when I did stamp 100 envelopes in a row, I had no reservations about whether the stamp would last. They’re easy to clean as Amy provided me with a useful tip of how to clean them with wet wipes. Then we come to the quality of the actual prints they produce: they’re brilliant. Not every stamped envelop looks the same, but I actually love the charm of that. I love that this is still crafty and allows for human inconsistency unlike getting printed products.

As for the ink I’m using, y’all will know by now that I’m a sucker for monochrome, so of course I only picked up a black ink pad, but it’s worked a treat, so I have no complaints. I could say that I might venture into colour in the near future, but then those ink pads would never leave the packaging, and well all know that. I went with VersaColour pads as Amy recommended them, and I have no complaints.

So if you’re considering upping your packaging game, are interested in treating yourself to a stamp to mark your limited edition prints, or you just want to support a fellow photographer in this wonderful community, then consider purchasing a stamp from Amy’s The Dark Chamber here. I absolutely love mine, and I couldn’t recommend them or Amy’s service any higher.

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