Antonin Langlinay's 2019 Goals

First, I’ll try to stick for a few months with the new 50mm lens I’ve just got, like I did with my 35mm lens last year. I think it’s a good exercise to try and master a fixed focal length.

Another thing I’ll try to do is to learn the darkroom process. I don’t think I’ll be able to install my own lab at home, but I’ll do my best to plunge headfirst into the process, one way or another.

Finally, like I said in my GET TO KNOW ME article, I have to get better at street photography, to be closer to my subjects, to be more creative and adventurous.


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I bought a digital camera some time ago. Even though I first took great pleasure in using it, discovering what photography is all about, I quickly became disinterested by the process (taking a lot of pictures and then editing them in Lightroom). In the mean time, my grandmother gave me an old Leica R4 with two lenses (35 mm and 90 mm) that she was no longer using.