Punk on Film

I'd like to kick off by sharing my recent exploits in photography with you, most notably my first band shoot! Last weekend I went and shot @punchbagband in rehearsals at Airtight Studios, Chichester. Was great fun, learned a lot about shooting groups especially. I found one of the most important things during the shoot, above others, was having fun and making your subjects comfortable and relaxed. I wanted to shoot the band as they would normally be - I essentially just acted as a friend and got them to pretend I wasn't there and eased off the pressure to look good, or to put up a false front. That way I could focus on composition, as I didn't have to worry about framing or posing them - I just wanted to portray what the band was really like as an observer.

Shooting Expired Film

Hi all! Charlie here. I recently developed a roll of Boots Panchromatic film that expired in 1974 (44 years out-of-date!). I bought it for £1 in a photographica in a local town - Arundel Photographica (they have some really cheap good kit, worth a visit if you're in town). The roll had already been opened, including the inner wrapping, and there was nothing holding the roll together. In fact, the roll was partially unrolled and very loose, but for £1 I figured it was worth a shot.