Podcasts for Film Enthusiasts

Although I enjoy watching the occasional YouTube videos, my main consumption of photography related media is via Podcasts, I can listen while commuting and also on my mobile whilst at work.

There are literally 100s of photography podcasts out there, which cover everything from pinhole photography through to digital.  There are plenty of film photography podcast and I'm going to list a few of my favourites, this is not an extensive list as there is many more out there, and once you start listening to a few, you will soon pick up on new ones.

George G's 2019 Goals

So for 2019 I will be shooting more instant film, namely Fuji Instax, I already have a Instax wide and the use of a mini, the new Instax square is reasonably priced so I will probably be picking one up in the next couple of months. I have already started trying it out and although it take a bit to get exposures right, I think I'm starting to understand the cameras.

Other than that, some new projects that I will be thinking about but haven't finalised yet.


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