Nigel's 2019 Goals

Beyond working turned into tangible forms, i.e. prints and zines, my aim not just for 2019 but going forward is to stay motivated during the creative low points and not getting complacent when I would consider things are going well. To do this I’ll continue to ask ‘Why?’. Although my confidence in my photography has increased, I still don’t have any answer to what it is about this art form that I enjoy so much.


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I’d say that I started photography 3 years ago when I first got an iPhone. Looking back now though, when the first camera phones came out I was taking pictures, but not putting much thought into them. Then, I got a digital camera 2 years later, and a film camera 6 months after that. Nowadays, I find myself enjoying black and white film the most, though I have shot the occasional roll of colour.