Rafa Prado's 2019 Goals

In 2018 I’ve grown as a photographer. I have gotten into medium format and published my first zine. I have also shot and developed countless rolls. I don’t want to set any specific targets, but this year I would love to print + hang more prints, shoot better portraits and publish one or two more zines. I would also like to attend more exhibitions and check other people’s work.


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Value. It is something I deeply consider in my film photography. Why am I shooting this picture? Is it going to rest in a hard drive or binder forever? Is it going to be shared on Instagram? Is it going to be hung on a wall? Is it going to be printed and sent to friend as a souvenir from a trip? In my opinion, often time a photo cannot serve all these goals. All of these means play a big roll in the perceived value of the photography by your audience. Sharing the 80 images you took of a trip in your group conversation is not the same as sending prints of selected photos in an envelope to your friends.