This month’s theme is SURREALISM. This is deliberately quite a loose brief, so feel free to experiment. Steven liked the idea of ‘surrealism being the art of combining of dreams and reality’, and so interpret that how you’d like! Maybe you'll try cross processing, lens-whacking, shooting expired disposable cameras, or whatever else you can dream up. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Steven Cox's 2019 Goals

In the coming year I’m hoping to make some more glass plates as well as continue my work on paper negative and direct positive processes, which will all be part of a new body of work. I have a few projects in the pipeline as always, but I’m hoping to make time to follow at least one to it’s conclusion, and who knows - maybe have a little exhibition.


This is part of the 2019 GOALS series. If you’d like to see the 2019 GOALS of our other featured artists, check out the other articles here.

Pictorialism in the Present

Hello everyone, thought I'd share some bits about the processes I’ve been slowly refining over the last few months. As some of you may already be aware, my photographic 'heroes' are pictorialist photographers such as Julia Margaret Cameron, and pioneers such as Carleton Watkins. This has led me down the path of looking at all kinds of different processes - coating my own glass plates, chemical paper reversal, cross processing with very basic disposable cameras, and experimenting with DIY lenses and cameras. For today though, I'm going to waffle on about my experiments using silver-gelatin paper in large format cameras as an alternative to the usual sheet film, a technique which I have been hoping would give my work a flavour of the pictorialist aesthetic.