Exeter Uncovered

Today’s A LOOK AT article is long overdue. I’m pleased to be featuring the beautiful magazines that Hannah O’Brien has been producing with Exeter Uncovered. Before I actually dive into these remarkable publications, I want to acknowledge that these are not exclusively film zines. As a member of YOUR EXHIBITION and one of the first supporters, Hannah’s work deserves to be featured here. Furthermore, I feel like a lot can be learned from the nature of these magazines; they're of premium quality and design, and if I can encourage you to consider the things that Hannah has when you’re thinking about producing your own work, then it’s worth sharing.


Welcome to another A LOOK AT article. In this series we examine YOUR work. This could be prints, zines, exhibitions, stamps, and whatever else you can imagine. Today we’re excited to be sharing a zine project with you: TOUR DOGS.

If you’re not familiar with TOUR DOGS, then you’re missing out. Trey Derbes releases zines featuring the work of a photographer that he admires, and he gives the zines out for free. Yes, you read that correctly: FREE

The Dark Chamber Stamps - Amy Paterson

In today’s A LOOK AT article, we’re featuring something a bit different. In this series so far, we have shown you dozens of great zines that we think you should pick up. You can learn about those zines here. Today we’re pleased to share with you Amy Paterson’s stamp brand: The Dark Chamber.

Back in November 2018, Amy announced that she was launching a brand for the film community which offered useful stamps. Ever since then, we’ve been itching to get our hands on them, and we’re happy to say that they’re even better than we imagined.


This zine joins a collection of travel-based zines, though it has the added quirk of being 48 images shot in 48 hours. I really enjoy it when an artist produces something under some form of creative limitation. In this case, I adore the selection of images Karl has opted to include. It makes me consider which images he might’ve excluded because of the self-inflicted constraints. It gives each image included an added weight.

Oddments Volume Two - JASON BREWER

Let’s begin where I often do: the cover. As this is the first thing we see, I think a cover needs to be striking, and this emotive image certainly grasps the attention. Volume Two’s cover features an image of Jason’s Grandma’s hands. The image is contrasty, and the composition of the hand reaching up from the corner invites the reader to turn the page, but most importantly, it prompts questions. With questions comes the desire for answers, and, naturally, we open the zine to explore.

Useful Idiocy - JULES LE MOAL

If you’ve followed us or Jules for a few months, you’ll know that Jules exhibited his work from Pyongyang in France. We weren’t fortunate enough to visit this exhibition, so we were ecstatic when we heard that he was working on a zine featuring some images from the exhibit. We managed to view Jules’ drafts of the zine before he sent it to the publishers, so we had a vague idea what to expect, but there’s nothing quite like the real thing. There is a power in the printed medium that is different to that of the digital medium. That’s not to say it’s more or less powerful, but is meant to be appreciated in print, and this zine definitely confirms that to me.

Sips and Shots - Monthly Magazine

For today’s article, we had the pleasure of having Ronnie Olesnovich from @infiniterolls send us the first Volume of Sips and Shots. This is a truly unique project that we’re excited to share with you. Ronnie is both a photography and coffee enthusiast, and so he’s produced a monthly zine that comes with 12 oz. bag of Sips and Shots Coffee.

Silent Spring - DANIEL KEYS

If you're not familiar with Daniel's work, he tends to produce thought-provoking work that sheds light on a social or cultural system. It makes for a challenging viewing experience, but it's great to see someone with such talent tastefully create something that tackles topics not typically seen in this format. Silent Spring is described by Daniel himself as: