Oddments Volume Two - JASON BREWER

Let’s begin where I often do: the cover. As this is the first thing we see, I think a cover needs to be striking, and this emotive image certainly grasps the attention. Volume Two’s cover features an image of Jason’s Grandma’s hands. The image is contrasty, and the composition of the hand reaching up from the corner invites the reader to turn the page, but most importantly, it prompts questions. With questions comes the desire for answers, and, naturally, we open the zine to explore.


As one of the artists featured on our website, Jason Brewer reached out to me to ask whether I'd like to look at his first volume of his zine Oddments. Of course, I happily accepted the offer, and here we are! Even though I intend to support every creator as much as possible, Jason kindly offered to send me this zine for review for free. For the sake of being open and transparent, it is worth mentioning that, besides the zine, I am not receiving anything for this zine, and the views are entirely my own, and not influenced in anyway, but as you might expect from Jason - it's pretty darn good.