"Why do you choose to shoot black and white?"

A few days ago, I submitted a question to Nick Mayo of Nick Exposed for a Q&A he’ll be publishing soon. As I asked him the question, I realised that I didn’t have my own answer to the question, and so I have written this JUST A THOUGHT article outlining my thoughts.

The question I asked Nick was “Why do you choose to shoot black and white?”. When I asked him the question, I provided two quotes where photography greats referenced their view on the subject.

Let's talk about packaging...

I thought I’d kickstart a new series of articles called JUST A THOUGHT. The general premise is whenever you’d like to share something that’s on your mind, that isn’t quite a project or an announcement, you’ll share JUST A THOUGHT.

Today’s JUST A THOUGHT concerns packaging. Now if you’ve already sold a product by post, you’ve probably already considered packaging. If you haven’t sold something, or you have but not considered packaging, then this article is for you.