Today we’re stoked to share with your one of our first COLLABORATION projects: THE PASS IT ON PROJECT. The motive behind this project is simple; to celebrate individuality whilst expressing the importance of collaboration and encouraging creators to hang other people’s work on their wall.

How does it work? We’re sending a 6x4 album around the world! Below you can see the simple steps to making this a success.

Pass it on.jpg

Pretty neat, right? The four simples steps are:

  1. Take the duplicate print.

  2. Put in two identical 6x4 prints.

  3. Add your name to the index.

  4. Send it to another film photographer.

This is a simple project that anyone can get involved in, and we hope that YOU do!

The first person who will be contributing is Nicolás Hagen. We’re excited to see where it ends up, so if you get your hands on it, be sure to share it by using the #YOUREXHIBITION hashtag and tagging us (@YOUR_EXHIBITION) in your posts about it.

We want as many people to get involved in this project as possible, but there are limited numbers of spaces in this album. We might do more in future, but why wait? Why not send a friend a print for the sake of it? We’d love to see YOUR work on other people’s walls, so go on: send a friend a print.

If you don’t want to miss out on where this album is going, make sure you’re following us on Instagram here. Until then, happy shooting, printing and shipping!