what nick’s feeling lately

Hey everybody, i hope youre reading this and having a wonderful time in life at this moment. Breathe in a little and breathe out, relax and be yourself please.

I don’t speak up much on YOUR EXHIBITION but as an artsist ive been practicing life with little privacy and little filters. For some reason, ive turned into an extrovert throughout all this, cancer and whatnot. However, that usually means im out doing stuff and i never really check my phone too often and keep up to date with phone-related-stuff. The decision to live privacy-free came from just wanting to share my full story and be honest with my art. Eventually this blossomed into me just always saying whats on my mind, hiding things seems to just create anxiety anyway.

Street Photography with Anxiety

I love people. That statement with the title Street Photography with Anxiety might seem contradictory, and you’d be forgiven for thinking that I’ve mixed up the title of one article with the body of another, but there is no mistake: I love people, but I sometimes struggle with anxiety. Today I wish to share with you how I have managed to engage with an art form that I thought I’d never be able to do, and the enjoyment that has come from it.

Podcasts for Film Enthusiasts

Although I enjoy watching the occasional YouTube videos, my main consumption of photography related media is via Podcasts, I can listen while commuting and also on my mobile whilst at work.

There are literally 100s of photography podcasts out there, which cover everything from pinhole photography through to digital.  There are plenty of film photography podcast and I'm going to list a few of my favourites, this is not an extensive list as there is many more out there, and once you start listening to a few, you will soon pick up on new ones.

Punk on Film

I'd like to kick off by sharing my recent exploits in photography with you, most notably my first band shoot! Last weekend I went and shot @punchbagband in rehearsals at Airtight Studios, Chichester. Was great fun, learned a lot about shooting groups especially. I found one of the most important things during the shoot, above others, was having fun and making your subjects comfortable and relaxed. I wanted to shoot the band as they would normally be - I essentially just acted as a friend and got them to pretend I wasn't there and eased off the pressure to look good, or to put up a false front. That way I could focus on composition, as I didn't have to worry about framing or posing them - I just wanted to portray what the band was really like as an observer.

Shooting Wide

A few years ago, I managed to get hold of a somewhat legendary analog camera, the Fuji TX2. It's better known in Europe as the Hasselblad XPAN II, but it's in effect a simple rebrand of the exact same camera. It's a rangefinder with a very limited set of optics, and for a very good reason: it shoots superwide panoramas, exposing two 24x36 frames at the same time. The XPAN II was released in 2003, so it's not an old camera. Only three lenses exist: a 45mm f/4, a 90mm f/4 and a rare as rocking horsesh*it 30mm f/5.6. I own only the former two, and to be honest rarely if ever use the 90mm. 

Film Photography YouTube Channels

I may or may not have a YouTube problem.

I absolutely love the film community - I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t. Part of the film community that I have enjoyed a lot is the YouTube film community. There are many great channels out their producing great content. There’s POV shooting videos, darkroom tutorials, zine reviews, behind the scenes of exhibitions and more. There’s lots to learn from them and I almost guarantee that there’s something for everyone from the below list. The below list shares why I follow them, and provides you with a direct link through to their YouTube channels.

Film Swaps Exhibition

For more than a year now, I have been swapping rolls of 35mm film with people from across the globe. For a long time, I wasn’t sure where this was going to go and what to with these piling negatives. But pushed by a collecting spirit and the encounters leading to more encounters, I kept shooting. But the truth is, once again, that I am simply exploring my own curiosity, and this has become a little game. A little like an “exquisite corpse” played with strangers, mixing affinities with coincidences.

A Reflection on the #52rollsproject

We here at YOUR EXHIBITION have been following Rik Groenland’s work for quite a while, so when he agreed to join the family, we were ecstatic. A big part of Rik’s 2018 was the #52rollsproject. This year long project was simple: to shoot and develop a roll of film each week. Now that he’s finished the project, we took this opportunity to ask him about his experience:

What was the best part of doing this project?


One of the many perks of studying a photography degree is being exposed to interesting photographic theories. Recently, for the purposes of an assignment, we were asked to look at the idea of Equivalence in photographs; something I had never heard about and something which felt incredibly daunting to begin with. Without turning this into some sort of literary essay about the idea of equivalence I will try and explain my thought process behind a series of photographs I feel are possibly my strongest to date.

Pictorialism in the Present

Hello everyone, thought I'd share some bits about the processes I’ve been slowly refining over the last few months. As some of you may already be aware, my photographic 'heroes' are pictorialist photographers such as Julia Margaret Cameron, and pioneers such as Carleton Watkins. This has led me down the path of looking at all kinds of different processes - coating my own glass plates, chemical paper reversal, cross processing with very basic disposable cameras, and experimenting with DIY lenses and cameras. For today though, I'm going to waffle on about my experiments using silver-gelatin paper in large format cameras as an alternative to the usual sheet film, a technique which I have been hoping would give my work a flavour of the pictorialist aesthetic.

Oddment Volume Two Announcement

Hello, this is Jason Brewer here to announce that a new volume of my Oddments zine is available for pre-order!

Oddments Volume Two takes on a more personal tone within the zone over the previous one. Many of these images represent some form of a challenge deliberately put in place as a constraint or that occurred while out shooting that has helped to push my photography skills further. Additionally, all images shown in volume two were taken on film. 

35mm Film in a Medium Format Camera

Recently I’ve been posting a few images shot on 35mm film in a medium format camera, and as well as people being really supportive, a few folks have enquired about how I do it. Even though there are some articles online that speak about this process, I thought I’d produce an article that encapsulates everything I’ve found, and share what I’ve learned from my many mistakes.