Shooting Wide

A few years ago, I managed to get hold of a somewhat legendary analog camera, the Fuji TX2. It's better known in Europe as the Hasselblad XPAN II, but it's in effect a simple rebrand of the exact same camera. It's a rangefinder with a very limited set of optics, and for a very good reason: it shoots superwide panoramas, exposing two 24x36 frames at the same time. The XPAN II was released in 2003, so it's not an old camera. Only three lenses exist: a 45mm f/4, a 90mm f/4 and a rare as rocking horsesh*it 30mm f/5.6. I own only the former two, and to be honest rarely if ever use the 90mm. 

Ben Felten's 2019 Goals

The first would be to spend more time exploring the night scenes of Hong Kong, where I live. Hong Kong at night is a different city full of neons. colourful reflections and interesting characters. I want to get out more at night and do light trails, colourful bokehs and reflections.

My other big project is to try and finally tackle the double exposure portraits. I’ve been planning for a long time, shooting people from Hong Kong double exposed with organic textures from Hong Kong (leaves, barks, vines, etc). That will most likely be black and white.


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