Hannah O'Brien's 2019 Goals

This year, I’d love to achieve a wide range of goals within my photography.

In 2019 I’m launching Exeter Uncovered; a new local music magazine for Exeter and involved in that is a great deal of photography; from capturing concerts to portrait shoots, it’s an all-encompassing vision for my passions, from of course the photographic side to also music journalism; my two main pursuits sitting side by side.

Hence why I’ll be shooting an awful lot more of the music side of photography and attempting to capture the best that I possibly can for this new endeavour.

I learnt an awful in 2018 from being involved in the TYPify arts festival and exhibiting my ‘Isca; The Eras Of Exeter’ project; it was my first full project all photographed on film, and specifically my beloved Yashica Mat; which I simply adore to use and capture moments with. Following on with that specific project, I’m planning to display the series of images again locally and when funds allow me, I’d love to create something special with this project in the form of a print series.

There’s also a new charity project that I’m very much hoping to create and make a positive impact with, I’m just simply waiting for confirmation from the charity itself to start moving forward with all of the ideas and I’m truly hoping I can produce a great body of work that introduces much more empathy and understanding for this particular charity and subject matter in general. With this project I plan to create a zine to accompany it, which is something I’ve wanted to do for some time now, I just wanted to find the perfect time and an important topic to cover within it.

I’m planning on printing much more of my work this year and when funds allow it, I’d like to acquire my own pigment-based photo printer for the best possible prints I can produce at home, which would be ideal for me.

In general, I’m truly hoping to hone in my photography and the craft of this art form as much as I possibly can and achieve much more than previous years. With the plans I have and the determination to do so, I’m very much hoping to be able to have a wonderful year of photography in 2019! Despite working around chronic illness and extremely restricted mobility, thus making it incredibly difficult for me to get out of the house, I’m not going to let that prevent me from pursuing my dreams and goals; nothing should get in the way of your passions in life and the things you truly love to do.


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Preparing for The TYPify Arts Festival

The current project I’m working on for the TYPify arts festival on July 6th has been a long time coming. I’ve been attempting to get out to start it for the past few months, but due to living with a chronic illness that makes me bed bound 95% of the time, it means that each day can be slightly unpredictable in terms of my symptoms, which certainly makes planning to go out quite a tough feat.