Punk on Film

I'd like to kick off by sharing my recent exploits in photography with you, most notably my first band shoot! Last weekend I went and shot @punchbagband in rehearsals at Airtight Studios, Chichester. Was great fun, learned a lot about shooting groups especially. I found one of the most important things during the shoot, above others, was having fun and making your subjects comfortable and relaxed. I wanted to shoot the band as they would normally be - I essentially just acted as a friend and got them to pretend I wasn't there and eased off the pressure to look good, or to put up a false front. That way I could focus on composition, as I didn't have to worry about framing or posing them - I just wanted to portray what the band was really like as an observer.

Shooting Wide

A few years ago, I managed to get hold of a somewhat legendary analog camera, the Fuji TX2. It's better known in Europe as the Hasselblad XPAN II, but it's in effect a simple rebrand of the exact same camera. It's a rangefinder with a very limited set of optics, and for a very good reason: it shoots superwide panoramas, exposing two 24x36 frames at the same time. The XPAN II was released in 2003, so it's not an old camera. Only three lenses exist: a 45mm f/4, a 90mm f/4 and a rare as rocking horsesh*it 30mm f/5.6. I own only the former two, and to be honest rarely if ever use the 90mm. 

Film Photography YouTube Channels

I may or may not have a YouTube problem.

I absolutely love the film community - I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t. Part of the film community that I have enjoyed a lot is the YouTube film community. There are many great channels out their producing great content. There’s POV shooting videos, darkroom tutorials, zine reviews, behind the scenes of exhibitions and more. There’s lots to learn from them and I almost guarantee that there’s something for everyone from the below list. The below list shares why I follow them, and provides you with a direct link through to their YouTube channels.


My name is Marius, I’m almost 27 and I’m from Romania but right now I live in Zagreb, Croatia. I'm a Franciscan brother (for more information it's easier if you are google it) and I studied theology in Romania, preparing to become a Catholic priest. I have one more year to study before I finish the faculty but as of now (october 2018-september 2019) I have a break: for one year I don't study theology and I'm here in Zagreb to have a new experience, to know a new culture, to meet new people and to learn Croatian language.

Film Swaps Exhibition

For more than a year now, I have been swapping rolls of 35mm film with people from across the globe. For a long time, I wasn’t sure where this was going to go and what to with these piling negatives. But pushed by a collecting spirit and the encounters leading to more encounters, I kept shooting. But the truth is, once again, that I am simply exploring my own curiosity, and this has become a little game. A little like an “exquisite corpse” played with strangers, mixing affinities with coincidences.


Hi, I’m Mike, I’m 34 (35 in April) from the UK.  Originally from Brighton, on the Sussex coast in South East England, I moved to Cardiff in 2006, where I’ve been living ever since.  IT Project Manager by trade, father of 1 (cat), I try my hardest to shoot as much as I can in my spare time.  It can be rather sporadic, as can my train of thought, so be warned…


This month’s theme is SURREALISM. This is deliberately quite a loose brief, so feel free to experiment. Steven liked the idea of ‘surrealism being the art of combining of dreams and reality’, and so interpret that how you’d like! Maybe you'll try cross processing, lens-whacking, shooting expired disposable cameras, or whatever else you can dream up. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

"Why do you choose to shoot black and white?"

A few days ago, I submitted a question to Nick Mayo of Nick Exposed for a Q&A he’ll be publishing soon. As I asked him the question, I realised that I didn’t have my own answer to the question, and so I have written this JUST A THOUGHT article outlining my thoughts.

The question I asked Nick was “Why do you choose to shoot black and white?”. When I asked him the question, I provided two quotes where photography greats referenced their view on the subject.

A Reflection on the #52rollsproject

We here at YOUR EXHIBITION have been following Rik Groenland’s work for quite a while, so when he agreed to join the family, we were ecstatic. A big part of Rik’s 2018 was the #52rollsproject. This year long project was simple: to shoot and develop a roll of film each week. Now that he’s finished the project, we took this opportunity to ask him about his experience:

What was the best part of doing this project?


I've been shooting film since around 2009 with my first film camera of a Lomo Diana and then onto a beaten up Canon EOS 1000fn. Since then my cameras have been getting progressively more and more random and old. Most the time I now shoot on a range of large formats ranging from the 1890-1900s in Full Plate [6.5x8.5in - It's called John V2.0] to around the 50s with a 4x5 focal plane shuttered MPP Micropress and random barrel lenses, like the ridiculous 'Crazy Russian Lens, KO140M, a 140mm f1.8; in large format terms this is a 37mm f0.5 so it inhales light.

Oddments Volume Two - JASON BREWER

Let’s begin where I often do: the cover. As this is the first thing we see, I think a cover needs to be striking, and this emotive image certainly grasps the attention. Volume Two’s cover features an image of Jason’s Grandma’s hands. The image is contrasty, and the composition of the hand reaching up from the corner invites the reader to turn the page, but most importantly, it prompts questions. With questions comes the desire for answers, and, naturally, we open the zine to explore.


Before we get into what our 2019 GOALS are, we’d like to encourage you to check out the 2019 GOALS of all our members. We love the diverse family that we’re building here at YOUR EXHIBITION, and we love that the GOALS of our member reflect that diversity. Check out the 2019 GOALS series here

So 2018 saw the creation of YOUR EXHIBITION, and even though we achieved a lot, we’re hoping that 2019 is bigger and better.

There’s a number of things we’re intending to create this year:

The first is to continue producing the articles you love. We’re hoping to welcome more people into the YOUR EXHIBITION collective, and with that comes more GET TO KNOW ME articles. We also really enjoy being able to share new works with you through the form of A LOOK AT articles, so expect more of those. The WHAT I’M WORKING ON series also allows our members to share new experiments with you, so it’s only a matter of time until we see more of those too.

The next thing is bigger and better SHOOTOUTs. We’ve taken a break for January, whilst we work on a few details, but hopefully these will continue to grow with time. So far we’ve given out four zines, and we can’t wait to give out more! We’re also toying with doing other giveaways, so watch this space!

Next is more content through new mediums. I personally enjoy video media more, and so we’re exploring the option of doing that in the coming months. We might explore other forms like podcasts, but one thing at a time, right?

One of the most exciting things we’re aiming for this year is collaborative projects. Now we don’t want to spoil any surprises just yet, but we’re hoping to produce a body of work as a collective. Make sure you’re following us for more details.

Lastly, we’re hoping to continue to give back to the community. We love how you all engage with the SHOOTOUTs, but we’ve found many of you really enjoy the #YOUREXHIBITION feature sessions in our Instagram stories. We’ll be doing more of those, but we’re also working on doing other forms of showcasing your work. 

Now before we sign off, there’s a couple of non-goal things we’d like to ask for your engagement on:

  1. We’re always open to ideas. If there’s content you’d like to see us produce, then let us know. Either direct message us on Instagram, or send us a message through the Contact Us section here. Alternatively, let us know what your favourite content we’ve produced thus far is.

  2. If you’re excited for what we’re aiming to produce this year, then we’d love you to share that with your friends. We love the community we’re building together, and we’d love more people to be a part of it. 

We’ll be back to usual articles later this week. 


Jules Le Moal's 2019 Goals

Hey guys,

Hope you’re all doing good. 2018 has been a good year to me photography wise. Produced 2 Zines which have gone sold out, and got the chance to exhibit my photos from North Korea twice. 


Up until a few weeks ago, I had made some cool plans for 2019.

But as those of you that have been following me for a while may know, a massive protest movement has risen in France, against the actual government, and that I made the call to cover those events, the best I could, in support to this movement (I do feel this is a rightful fight, and I do think we need a society change). 

For now it has gone a bit more quiet since Christmas, and we are not sure of what this movement is going to turn into, come this year.

So depending on that I may or may not be able to invest in the other projects I had planned. 

But if I do, here is a short summary of what I intend to work on:

Me and a friend are working on a collaborative exhibition supposed to take place during a photographic festival (Les photographiques) in our home town (Le Mans)

Knowing that we are to show those photos in a coffee-shop/gallery, and the fact that we are the only photographers from Le Mans to display our work during this festival,  we decided that we will be printing with CAFFENOL, some of our respective favourite street photographs of our very own city. 

I also intended to start shooting material for a project I have had in mind for quite some time now. I don’t want to give to much away for now, but let’s give you a taste of it, as it will also feature work not only printed but also developed with Caffenol. Another hint ? This project will require me to learn a new set of skills. Indeed I intend to work with sound as well for this one. It’s been a craving for a long time, to use sound effects/tracks to compliment photographic work. Be it as an ambiance or as a source of verbal informations. 

Also on the film community side of things, I have received as a gift more expired color film than I can shoot for the next year for sure. So expect some filmswap to happen again.

If I let myself go on about all the ideas I have in mind and that I wish to accomplish I could probably keep going all day long about possible upcoming projects. But as mentioned before, the social climate here will dictate wether I will be working on my own thing this year, or if I will be covering a revolution we are many to wait for. 

In the meantime, I have more than 20 rolls to develop and scan from the time spent covering the past weeks’ protests. I better get to it.

Wish you all the best for 2019,

Truly yours,


This is part of the 2019 GOALS series. If you’d like to see the 2019 GOALS of our other featured artists, check out the other articles here.

Illia Popovich's 2019 Goals


Photography for me is a constant journey, and the most important thing personally is to enjoy the process rather than to be obsessed with goals. Nevertheless, without them you wouldn’t know where to aim. 2018 was the year I fell in love with film photography, when I started developing and printing (all thanks to @dima.shahayda) and when our first exhibition took place.

So my goals for 2019 are to experiment and improve. Appreciate where I came to and strive for enhancement! More formats, exhibitions and, of course, studying!


This is part of the 2019 GOALS series. If you’d like to see the 2019 GOALS of our other featured artists, check out the other articles here.

Jason Brewer's 2019 Goals


With the weight of 2018 behind me (Starting a new job that required relocation & buying a new house along with a newborn baby, all happening within three months) I have had a little time to reflect and set two essential goals for 2019 Photographically.

Goal 1: Looking ahead and seeing what may be taking place later in the year (Graduate School), I the first goal for the new year is for me to take a step back and honestly shoot for myself to focus on refining my Art. I want to remove the pressure of shooting for a specific project as well as deliberately shooting to get images for the next Zine to publish.

Goal 2: Do more when I can with others. When time allows I want to do more with others. Whether that is walking the streets together, working with people to model for me to learn more portraiture, or merely doing a distance collaboration of some sort I want to feel like I am not living on a little island within the Photographic Ocean this year.

Here is to a happy 2019 for all!


This is part of the 2019 GOALS series. If you’d like to see the 2019 GOALS of our other featured artists, check out the other articles here.