We started YOUR EXHIBITION to show off the awesome works you’re producing, so what better way to celebrate that than hanging them on our wall. Here we have a list of the images we have on our wall, and where you can enquire to get your own.

  1. CHARLIE THOM - A beautiful darkroom print from Charlie’s latest zine: The Nuclear Option. Not only does this image make a nod to a remarkable zine, but I also love imagery that represents things out of their usual context; these bumper cars are usual used for fun, but when they’re long since abandoned, they become eerie.

  2. NICHOLAS FISHER - I love the composition of this image. The roof of this structure leads you to the interesting and mysterious statue within this world of nature. Nicholas has a serious talent for botanical imagery, so it’s a pleasure to have this represented on our wall.

  3. MARK GURLEY - If you’ve followed YOUR EXHIBITION for a while, you’ll have seen Mark’s work feature in a number of times. He produces brilliant images like this atmospheric one. I love how the distant mists texture contrasts so much of the trees and the lines of the road.

  4. JULES LE MOAL - Jules’ work featuring children is remarkable. There’s a playfulness that he manages to capture in these images, whilst also demonstrating an exceptional understanding of conventional street photography. The reflection and the leading lines in this image is simply genius.

  5. HANNAH O’BRIEN - This lady is an utter inspiration. Hannah produces awesome images, she has a beautiful community-focussed heart, and she’s a great encourager. As the first member of YOUR EXHIBITION and the creator of EXETER UNCOVERED, Hannah deserves a place on this wall, and it’s fitting that it’s an image of Exeter Cathedral.

  6. NIGEL (UNEVENEDITS) - The biggest print on this wall is a street shot from Nigel from when he was in New York City. His street work is simply remarkable, and I’m so stoked to have such a piece on this wall. I love the various shapes, and how they’re somewhat interrupted by the pigeon at the top of the image; it makes it look dream-like.

  7. STEVEN COX - This print came with Steven’s zine Prague. I spoke greatly in my A LOOK AT article about how Steven’s approach to capturing such a city was genius, and I feel like this image encompasses that. The way that the foreground echoes the shape of the background building.

  8. CHRIS SWARTWOOD - If you’re not familiar with GRAIN TV, then you’re missing out. Chris produces useful videos about his darkroom practice, and when he announced he was selling postcard prints that he produced, I had to show some support. They didn’t fair well across the pond and some postal company printed on them, but I love it. Such character, and a nod to my skateboarding youth.

  9. MICHAEL BOORMAN - I shot this image after ascending Sgùrr na Sgine, Scotland, and I found it such an odd sight; I just had to capture it. I am keen to have other people’s works on my wall, so this image is subject to change.

  10. MANOEL ALMEIDA - I am a sucker for patterns and shapes, so this one from Manoel ticks all the boxes. He actually found this wallpaper in the toilet of a bakery in Brazil - what a place to find such an image!

  11. CHARLIE THOM - Further confirming that I appreciate patterns, we have this ever-so aesthetically pleasing image from Charlie. Grain, contrast, lines, shapes, repetition - it’s got it all.

  12. EDUARDO ROSAS - Eduardo is a photographer that I greatly admire. It’s awesome to be friends with such a role model as himself. Not only is his work exceptional and has he been featured in exhibition internationally, but he’s also just a great man that always encourages people to achieve more. This contrasty image demonstrates a wonderful understanding of storytelling; beautiful.

  13. JULES LE MOAL - I’m a massive fan of someone producing something beautiful out of something ugly. Jules has managed to capture some extraordinary images in the midst of the yellow jacket protests. This image is full of action and passion; and that’s a good recipe for a brilliant image if you ask me.

  14. NICK MAYO - I can’t speak highly enough about Nick or this image, but I’ll try. This image’s lighting is only second to the timing which Nick has pressed the shutter. The various silhouettes of the birds are so crisp. Exceptional work, from an exceptional human being. I love to support people that are supportive; what better way than with a print on my wall?

  15. SILVANO RICCI - Silvano captured this image of a Hendrik Christian Andersen statue in a museum in Rome. He was a Norwegian architect and sculptor that lived and worked in Rome centuries ago, thus his work is celebrated in the Italian city. I particularly love the framing of this image. It feels so intimate and delicate, despite being made of stone.

  16. MICHAEL BOORMAN - This is an image from by debut zine: LIFELESS. Even though I love having a reminder of my first piece on the wall, I’d love to update this with one of your images.

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We’d love to have the work of other key members of this community on the wall. If you’d like to see your print next to these great works, then let us know on Instagram. You can find us here.