In this project, we promote our 3 core values: CREATION | COLLABORATION | EXHIBITION.

The motive behind THE PASS IT ON PROJECT is simple; to celebrate individuality whilst expressing the importance of collaboration and encouraging creators to hang other people’s work on their wall.

But how does it work? We’re sending a number of 6x4 albums around the world with these simple instructions:

  1. Take the duplicate print.

  2. Put in two identical 6x4 prints.

  3. Add your name to the index.

  4. Send it to another film photographer.

By doing this, we’re encouraging people to CREATE new images, COLLABORATE with other photographers by producing an album together and giving people the opportunity to EXHIBIT their images on other people’s walls.

We’d love for as many people to get involved, that’s why we currently have 4 albums travelling round the world. Want to get involved? DM us about adding your name to the WHO NEXT? list.